Each Neal Richards Group development is geared towards sustainability, community benefit and carbon footprint reduction.  We have an internal policy of developing buildings with a minimum LEED Silver certification.  We believe that it is of great importance to implement policies to allow our team of individuals to be proactive in caring for the community, practice positive environmentally friendly lifestyles, and conserving resources.

Featured Projects:

FPMC Southlake Exterior

Forest Park Medical Center Southlake

Forest Park Medical Center Southlake contains a highly efficient central utility plant combined with the careful selection of the building’s plumbing fixtures results in a 25% reduction in energy consumption and 40% reduction in water consumption. Natural light is a key component to a healthy environment, and careful consideration has been taken to ensure that public and other areas have outside views. Forest Park Medical Center Southlake has achieved a 75% recycled waste management system.

141125 Lobby 2

Forest Park Medical Center Fort Worth

The Forest Park Medical Center Fort Worth design team has developed an approach towards sustainability that supports improvement to the overall patient and family experience throughout the hospital and site. These sustainability strategies were established to ensure that the design incorporated many environmentally responsible and energy efficient design solutions to achieve a minimum of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver certification. These strategies focus on six general categories: site, water, energy, materials, indoor environmental air quality, and operations that align with the hospitals goals. This specific site provided exterior areas of respite for all patients, staff and visitors, including reprieves along the Trinity River. If patients are unable to access the ground floor gardens, views and access to the 2nd floor healing garden/green roof allow for additional connection with nature. To provide ALL users with a safe interior environment special attention has been given to material selections that avoid substances of concern with known health effects and off-gassing, including the elimination of: added formaldehyde, heavy metals, CFC, HCFC, and mercury.

FPMC San Antonio Exterior Entrance View

Forest Park Medical Center San Antonio

At Forest Park San Antonio, as with all of the Forest Park Medical Center projects, sustainability is something that is taken very seriously. We strive to not only be developers of great projects, but good stewards of the land we develop as well. In the design phase of the Forest Park San Antonio project, it was determined that the campus would meet a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified standard as determined by the United State Green Building Council (USGBC).The facility will use 30% less water than comparable facilities, be over 25% more energy efficient, use renewable energy to power 40% of the buildings electricity when completed, and during the course of construction, over 80% of construction waste will be diverted from landfills and disposed of in an environmentally friendly method. These are only a few of the examples of the accomplishments we are striving to meet and we are confident that this project will follow the sustainable hallmark of previous Forest Park projects.  In fact, Forest Park San Antonio is on track to be the first Forest Park hospital to be a certified Gold project under the new, more stringent, standards put in place by the USGBC, two years ago. Some of the items that we are striving for that we have never before accomplished include furniture throughout the facility that has less harmful chemicals and a lighting control credit that allows patients to control lighting/shades in the room from the comfort of the patient bed. The entire team deserves an immense amount of credit for these accomplishments in sustainability.

A Great Team is Vital For Success.

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