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“NRG provides specific and thorough strategic planning for each of our industry focuses.”

Before executing any project, it is vital for us to fully study the objectives and feasibility of the development from both standpoints – return on investment for our client and usability for the end-users. NRG provides specific and thorough strategic planning for each of our industry focuses.

Will the project enable the physician to maximize surgical volume, while providing a facility that enhances quality of care? How can we provide a school district with schools that attract top students, while encouraging the safety of faculty and students? Can the investor profitably finance a mixed-use development while attracting and maintaining a perfect mix of retailers, office tenants and residents? Short term and long-term factors are seriously evaluated and considered before any project of any size begins.

For clients new to the real estate development process or seasoned professionals, we assist in:

  • Developing comprehensive business planning, focusing on operating and capital budgets
  • Assessing project viability
  • Conducting risk assessment and aversion
  • Selecting sites
  • Executing land due diligence
  • Conducting market studies
  • Facilitating Decision management
  • Analyzing financial projections including analysis of optimum lease rates
  • Evaluating staffing or tenant mix and implications to project
  • Determining appropriate technology integration
  • Conducting asset protection and security analysis

A Great Team is Vital For Success.

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